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Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you

About Ignoty

Preserving our natural beauty and youth is a goal of many. At Ignoty, we love to promote the reality of the product and what exactly our product can do for you. We always avoid using any harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients which can harm our customers in any way. 

However, with the market currently saturated with chemical-filled products, people are doing more harm than good to themselves and their bodies. And we are here to change that!

Ignoty is built by a young enthusiastic team that has their vision clear; ‘To provide you with natural, healthy products made with top-notch ingredients.’

We aim to bring back our traditional remedies - the benefits of egg for hair to provide modern results. Retracing our steps back to our traditional beliefs is a chief target of ours while tackling our current-day beauty woes.

Our Ignoty Egg Hair Oil is a holy grail for many. This nutrient-filled hair elixir eradicates a number of your hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, dryness, damage, dullness and much more. You name it, we got you covered. Therefore, our egg hair oil has become a staple step in a number of people's hair care routines. Consistent usage of our egg hair oil guarantees you results like ever before. 

But are you ready to hear the best part? Our product is completely free from parabens, GMOs, petrochemicals, preservatives, sulphates, added colours and basically anything that could put your hair health at risk. Furthermore, it is a cold-pressed process that is Eco certified, Dermatologically tested. So you absolutely do not have to worry about any of those while using our products or getting a negative reaction. 

Why Ignoty?

Because we are committed to providing excellent products and we want to make sure you are getting a product as per your needs! We work to achieve high standards of quality, safety and efficacy.

Our objective is to restore your hair's health with the power and nutrients of natural ingredients. 

Nonetheless, we do not intend to limit ourselves to hair care, soon enough you will be seeing many exciting products from us in terms of skincare and cosmetics as well. We are certain these future products will help you just as much as our Ignoty egg hair oil.

Our premium and chic packaging display a classy look while also being extremely functional and efficient. Hence, we aim to balance and keep up with the hype of aesthetics, yet deliver the finest results keeping your convenience in mind.

We created this brand by taking into account the requirements of the youth as well as our jewels. Our products are unisex and for everyone.

Our Mission & Vision

Our very aim is to inspire a change in the world of self-care by creating products that do their job exceptionally. All while adhering to traditional care and beauty beliefs. 

Our contemporary team is dedicated to ideating, designing and producing items that leave behind a legacy of authenticity and quality.

Allow us to assist you on your restoration journey and deliver unparalleled results. We carry confidence in ourselves and our products undoubtedly. 

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