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Desire long and healthy hair? Learn the benefits of Egg Oil

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While appearance is a definite key factor, there are many other reasons why long and healthy hair is a goal for the majority of people.

When your hair is shiny, lustrous, thick and above all at its peak of healthiness, it is a sign that your body is content. You feel more confident, your self-esteem rises, and it makes you feel good about yourself.

Hair has been associated with beauty since the dawn of time. For women, it represents allure and youth. Whereas for men, it represents their masculinity. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a shocker when most people dread the thought of losing hair at their age.

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So, how exactly can you achieve this goal without spending big bucks on high-end hair spas and treatments? Worry not, we got you covered.

We are all aware about the importance of oiling your hair to maintain its health. But which oil should I use, you ask? Egg Oil holds all your answers.

You may have questions like how to use egg remedy hair oil. Or where does it even come from? The following text reveals all that you need to know.

Why Egg with Oil for hair?

Eggs and Oil, even separately, have been incorporated into hair care for generations.

Consuming eggs is encouraged in order to prevent hair loss since they are a good source of protein. While oiling your hair protects the follicles and scalp preventing dry, dull hair. The result? Healthy hair from the inside out.

It only makes sense to combine these two amazing ingredients into one potent elixir for eliminating all your hair problems. Using eggs for hair care may be the one-fits-all solution you have been looking for.

What is Egg Oil?

Well, true to its name, it's made out of eggs. But only the yolks. It is obtained from the yolks of chicken eggs and is referred to as Egg Yolk Oil or Ovum oil.

Egg oil is rich in various fatty acids such as Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleic, Palmitoleic, Stearic, Myristic, Arachidic, Linolenic, Pentadecanoic and many more. It contains good amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which aid deftly in hair health.

The utilization of Egg Oil can also be seen in Greek and Chinese history. The Greeks used egg oil for hair care primarily; while Chinese Medicine in its tradition uses egg oil to treat a multitude of issues such as haemorrhoids, burns, eczema, dermatitis, ringworm, mouth ulcers, skin ulcers, frostbite and much more. Thus, egg with oil for hair has been around for a long time.

Egg oil is also often found in various beauty products as a carrier. These products include lotions, creams, sunblocks, ointments, moisturisers as well as antioxidants.

Therefore, you can trust blindly that egg oil is certainly an excellent choice to treat your hair problems.

Benefits of Egg Oil for hair care

Now that we have learned about the various incredible components of Egg Oil, let us look at exactly what it will do for your hair.

1 Say Goodbye to Premature Greying

Who doesn’t hate it when they find an unexpected grey hair on a random Tuesday morning? The panic is real.

The antioxidants, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, are responsible for the rich yellowish-orange colour of the egg yolks. These same antioxidants also help strengthen your hair by supplying adequate oxygen to your scalp. When your scalp is healthy, it results in darker hair.

2 Regrow lost hair

Are you one of those people that have tried everything and nothing worked? Well, do not give up now! We know exactly how soul-shattering excessive hair fall can make a person feel. In fact, egg for hair growth is a very popular remedy all over the world.

EFA, meaning Essential Fatty Acids, are a key component for hair care and is present in egg oil. EFA encourages cell development and blood flow in the scalp, which aids in the renewal of hair follicles.

3 Conditioned hair even after washing

When we use our normal shampoo and conditioner routine, oftentimes than not, the hair still feels dry and dull after rising off the conditioner.

However, with Egg oil, you can have lustrous and lively hair even after washing it off. The cholesterol present in Egg Oil helps penetrate the oil deep into the scalp’s epidermis resulting in hair that is glossy and conditioned from within. It aids in the rejuvenation of the scalp, healing the follicles and reducing overall frizziness.

4 Dandruff? Not anymore

That's right. Egg oil is even effective in treating dandruff. With this egg remedy hair oil, even the dandruff problems that do not seem to budge can be battled.

Using egg oil for a scalp massage can drastically help in combating dandruff. Since egg oil does a great job at moisturising your scalp and strengthening your hair shafts, there is a lower and lower chance of dry scalp bits flaking off in your hair. Thus, resulting in treating dandruff.

5 No more breakage

We are certain you are tired of your strands breaking off every time you brush your hair. It compromises the length as well as the health.

With this egg protein hair oil, you can count on strong and healthy hair that is more resistant to hair damage than ever before. Strong hair and reduced hair breakage results in long, shiny and thick hair.

The Takeaway

To summaries, Egg Oil contains many beneficial aspects such as Vitamin A, B, C, D, and E, Biotin, Protein, Omega 3, Omega 6, Essential Fatty Acids, Cholesterol and more. All of which are very helpful in terms of hair regrowth and regeneration.

Using eggs for hair growth is one of the most popular remedies in the entire world. It helps your scalp, hair follicles, hair shine, thickness and overall your entire hair health in general.

So there you have it. We now know the incredible benefits of incorporating this hair oil into your routine. With all of this goodness combined, you are sure to achieve your dream hair goals in no time. 

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